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I'm Amanda. I'm gonna be an actuary, and I love my airman.

dreamingspectrum asked: pass this to 10 blogs that you will never unfollow ♡

Aw, thank you! You’re sweet :) I’d never unfollow you either!!

alongfortheridecalledlife asked: 1. If you could be anywhere else in the world, where would you want to be? 2. Which do you enjoy the most: giving or receiving oral? 3. What is your favorite physical feature? 4. What bad habit do you have?

Thank you so much!

1) North Dakota.

2) Giving.

3) On me? Probably my eyes. At least how they used to be.

4) I have OCD, so I have a lot of compulsions. The worst one is pulling off all the ends of my hair. Lol

hopeforthisnation asked: 1)What do you want the names of your future children to be? 2)Something you wish you could do right now at this very instant? 3)Name 4 people in your life you can count on/look up to/are really close with. 4)Is there something about yourself that you wish you could change? 5)If you could have the life on any movie what would it be? And what characters life would you want?

Yay, thank you! :)

1) Tyler Joseph and Taylor Ann.

2) Sleeeeep. For like a week straight.

3) Joe, my mom, and my roommates, and Jessica (that’s actually six people, but we’ll count my roommates as one).

4) I wish I were better at math!!

5) Honestly, my life is too original for that - I wouldn’t want to follow any movie’s plot. I want to make my own story :)



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If I’m able to get foundation or eyeshadow, I’ll edit this post and add them to it.  Otherwise, this is it for this month!

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